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1.4-inch dual-screen music player Samsung 2.1 inch double col

(Zhongguancun online mobile channel reports) on October 12, 2007, Samsung SGH-F308 (revision) in dealer "constellation technology" latest offer to 2,290 dollars, with red and white two colors to choose from. cell phone's biggest selling point is its dual-screen design uses a 1.4 2.1-inch, and has excellent quality music. photo: Samsung SGH-F308 phone Samsung F308 to separate mobile phone and music for the first time, This unique design can be said to be unique in the current mobile products. this machine is equipped with a 2 million pixel camera, and to support mainstream features such as MP3 player, the overall performance is very comprehensive. photo: Samsung SGH-F308 phone Zhongguancun online mobile channel reports (October 12, 2007) phone model Samsung SGH-F308 (revision) today quoted 2,290 worth of dimensions 103.5x44x 9.4 mm resolution 2.1 inch handset weight 77 g Home screen material of 260,000 color TFT color display at a resolution of 176x220 pixels; screen parameters under a screen outside: 1.4-inch 65,536 color screen with 2 million pixels digital camera Radio FM radio memory 110MB memory cards formats support TF card (microSD card), maximum 2GB microSD card data interface USB2.0 high speed connection, Bluetooth version editing comment: as a music for selling new products, Samsung F308 in addition have superior music quality, Its design is also a major attraction, alternative fashion on both sides of the<NOBR oncontextmenu="return false;" onmousemove=kwM(7); id=key4 onmouseover="kwE(event,7,this);" style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; COLOR: #6600ff; BORDER-BOTTOM: #6600ff 1px dotted; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" onclick="return kwC();" onmouseout="kwL(event, this);" target="_blank"% 3E model very shocking. the red and white version of this at the same time dropped to 2,290 dollars, like consumers may wish to look at. Samsung SGH-F308 (revision of the Red/ white)[ latest offer constellation technology []2290 Yuan [ dealer] merchant guarantee seven days a] Oz, one-year warranty [ household appliances] Phone quotes are actual buy 010-51399716/51399815/51399828 above<NOBR oncontextmenu="return false;" onmousemove=kwM (7); id=key4 onmouseover ="kwE(event,7, this);" style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; COLOR: #6600ff; BORDER-BOTTOM: 0px dotted; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" onclick="return kwC();" onmouseout="kwL(event, this);" target=% 5C"_blank"> price, if you find that at this price does not buy at that dealer, please call complaints Tel: 82616677-8205

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IPhone BlackBerry buttoned -pig-Almighty cards posted on stage

Beijing time on November 13, 2008, GeoSIM show has a paragraph applies Yu variety model of Jie Suoka posted--SIM PIG, using SIM PIG can solutions lock currently most high-end phone of network features. user just to it attached in SIM behind using, on can convenient of in any national normal using own of SIM card. While currently of high-end brand phone also has solutions lock version launched, but for has purchased General version of user,, Again purchased new machine is is some does not too cost-effective, however user does not necessarily non-to buy solutions lock version of phone, simple a card posted on can easily get. According to this card posted can solutions lock currently latest of Nokia N series, and Nokia E series, and Apple iPhone, and Apple iPhone 3G and Sony Ericsson, and HTC, and black Berry and so on of high-end models. currently this card posted of online price for 16.99 dollars (equivalent Yuan 115 Yuan). figure for: SIM PIG card posted mobile phone channel featured together drop over 6,000 daily intelligent search recent downhill · first GSM/WiMAX machine watch · free Samsung i908E · WM intelligent constant A6 exclusive evaluation · November 14 trading summary · different navigation keys mobile phones at a glance · HTC Diamond broken 3K mini"E90" evaluation

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Symbian^3 player Nokia N8 a small drop in weight 110

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) on November 17, 2010, Nokia N8 (revision machine) in businesses "tengda digital" Department of latest quotes is 3,790 Yuan, than zhiqian of price small drop has 110 Yuan, accessories is contains: single electric single filled, and headset, and data line,. Nokia N8 is a paragraph aboard Symbian^3 system of Nokia Flagship smart phone. figure for Nokia N8 Nokia N8 used has bar full touch controlled of design, fuselage corners used has soft of line, Great sense of science and technology beats by dre pro pas cher, metallic materials make it feel superior. screen is a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen, resolution of 360x640 pixels, display clear and support multi-touch. by virtue of a new Symbian^3 a new system, using a large number of applications that users can easily implement your own desired features, playability is very high, Entertainment also continued to reflect. oversized back 12 million pixel sensor, excellent optical qualities, the camera after Germany kaercai Division certification, image quality is very clear, completely PK card machine. network support WCDMA network, WIFI wireless Internet access, and GPS navigation support, powerful. N8 Nokia Nokia N8 Nokia Size 3.5 inch touch screen N8 home screen capacitive touch screen (with gesture input, single finger flip-style-for-screen, just pull up and sliding, and double meaning scale and many other touch mode) resolution 360x640 pixels main screen the main screen color network 16 million color mode GSM,WCDMACPU 680MHz body 512MB ROM 256MB RAMGPS memory built-in GPS navigation, Certified support A-GPS's camera Carl. Zeiss certified camera 12 million pixels Flash xenon flash Bluetooth transfer Bluetooth-3.0 edit comment: Nokia N8 is Nokia's flagship product, not only looks very stylish atmosphere and change Nokia's conservative style, and introduced a new CPU architecture and 3D graphics accelerator, HD multimedia playback on the machine in the entertainment field, especially in the very powerful. HDMI HD output and OTG functionality is more avant-garde and functional, fully meet the needs of different users. Nokia N8 (website) reference price]3790 [[ sales merchant], tengda[ digital business phone]010-51195335[ storefront address] Beijing, Haidian District, Zhongguancun Dragon building 10 layer 1019 room above phone quotes are for actual purchased price, if you found this in the of dealer to out of quotes and text in the inconsistent or parallel cannot provides three months shop insurance, please pulling playing complaints phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone for complaints phone, almost not accept products price Advisory) * because phone price exists fluctuations beats by dre studio pas cher, Complaints for a period of 7 days from the date on which the article is published.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Do you have been cheated 08 mobile phone industry ten fool news

In this page read full text (total 6 page) April Fool's day is Western of a Festival, and now in domestic also gradually of popular has up, in we celebrate a years a times of April Fool's day of while, also back floated and had of 08, fine number those now seems has let people ironic of leave news. tenth bit Apple 3G black mill sand version appeared on February 12, 2008, abroad media shocking black mill sand version iPhone 3G phone, and exposure out a update black mill sand Hou shell of photos, photos in the also has machine number- -"A1303" and FCC of certification number. subsequently more is has a update back of full figure exposure, this message had let countless Apple fans were for of moved. because Apple iPhone phone although beautiful, but back extremely easy stained Shang fingerprint or mill injury, accidentally on into has a certain testiness, so mill sand shell into has we of a desire, unfortunately so far Apple company still no publishing mill sand shell of intentions. Black mill sand back shell of iPhone Black mill sand back shell of iPhone details please see: Lesson Who's who iPhone 3G Apple black nubuck edition coming out

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HTC x7510-touch cruise p3651 top navigation

In this page read full text (total 6 page) HTC today suddenly end out two paragraph 3.5G phone, respectively is U1000 of subsequent paragraph Advantage X7510 and nickname "apeiji" of Touch Cruise P3651, two paragraph are is small modified paragraph machine, have 3 million art pigment camera, and multiple wireless transmission specifications and GPS navigation system, together preemption smart phone market. originally thought a entire April, HTC are no new products listed, But they is suddenly lost out two Taiwan 3.5G navigation wisdom phone. a paragraph is inherited Dopod U1000 of HTC Advantage X7510, has super large 5 inches VGA screen, and 3 million art pigment AF camera; another a paragraph is commonly known as "apeiji" of HTC Touch Cruise P3651, two paragraph are will in May in mid-official were selling like hotcakes. ▲ left: HTC Asia Pacific Vice President Dong Junliang, and right: Alliance strong international communications cause Department General Manager Zhang Yonghong. ▲ Left: HTC Advantage X7510, right: HTC Touch Cruise P3651. HTC Advantage X7510: the second generation of action computer phone Dopod U1000 impressions maybe you went public in February 2007 was very deep, detailed account of King of United States dollar and U1000. when we give it the "outline of cross-level mobile phones" of the title, to describe its large volume and high specifications. This HTC out of second generation Advantage X7510, the color changed to black, but is still the same weight level, Causes is phone within built a super large of 5 inches touch controlled TFT screen, resolution for VGA, specifications and U1000 same, therefore to entire phone of area are pole large has. ▲ and author of hand controlled, on can seen X7510 has more large. can split type QWERTY keyboard Dopod U1000 of a large features, is can as screen protection cover of magnetic sucking can split type QWERTY keyboard, this device continues to followed to X7510 Shang, But some exterior improvements and changes have been made. ▲ X7510 QWERTY keyboard can be easily removed from the host. standards of zhuyin input method a closer look at the QWERTY keyboard and found it did not press the tab, full graphic design, but it does not touch the keyboard, Operation Shi also is needs some press of shards. may is to let using who typing more has feel, X7510 released has vibration feedback of small features, press Shi will will has short of vibration reminds. also, X7510 of QWERTY and U1000 compared to, more out has above a row digital key, on Taiwan consumers, of benefits is, X7510 finally can using standard phonetic keyboard arranged entered text, again also does not needs by Fn combination key to entered text has, using phonetic input method will will more easy. recommended read: · Jane Zhang movie trailer theme song lyrics of the King of Kung Fu · n beautiful BlackBerry, such as David Beckham and Paris Hilton PK · teeth lag the most silly camera ugly into what

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